Thursday 12/1/16



6:00am, 5:30pm (no yoga, Chelsea will be back next week at 6:30pm)

skill work of choice (pick 1 or 2) 10:00


9-6-3 of

squat clean (135/95)

box jump

rest 1:00

9-6-3 of

power clean (115/75)

box step ups

rest 1:00

18 hang muscle cleans (95/65)



Tuesday 11/29/16



6:00am, 6:00pm

Strength work:

3 front squat with :03 hold EMOTM for 7:00


4 wall walks

16 candlesticks

24 push press

800m run

3 wall walks

8 candlesticks

12 push press

400m run

2 wall walks

4 candlesticks

6 push press

200m run

1 wall walk

2 candlesticks

3 push press

120m down and back run

Saturday 11/26/16



8:30am with Coach Jason

Partner Warm up:

6 alternating bear crawls, relay style (3 each)

60 weighted situps

6 inch worms alternating (3 each)

60 standing ball toss

6 mountain climbers, simultaneous- :10 hold each

60 back extensions, alternating (30 each)


Partner WOD:

Partner A:

10 dumbbell thrusters

10 weighted box step ups

10 box dips

10 sit-ups

Partner B:

holds a plank until partner completes round

14:00 AMRAP






Thursday 11/24/16



Happy Holiday!

11:00am-12:30pm open gym

warm up:

400m row

30 second bushmans hold (inactive squat, hip opener)

20 Samson lunges (stationary lunge with arms up, opening chest)

10 cobra pushups (push up with no lower body for a back stretch)

20 pvc good mornings (with chest/shoulder tall, hinge at hips to 90 degrees and hold 3-5 seconds)

30 jumping jacks

WOD 1 option:

17:00 EMOTM

10-15 reps of:

kettle bell swings

jump squats

push ups

overhead squats

Floor wipers

back squats


front squats



Choose a number of reps and stick with it throughout 2 rounds with a 1:00 rest between sets

WOD 2 option:

17:00 running clock, EMOTM of

candlestick box jumps

jump rope, any style

push press


Athlete gets 1:00 to rest, any time within 17:00 clock. Score is total candlestick box jumps + push press 

Wednesday 11/23/16



6:00am, 6:00pm


8 thrusters (75/55)

16 target touch

24 Russian twists (25/15)

10:00 amrap


hang power snatch 3-3-3-3

* schedule reminder:

Thanksgiving day, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM open gym

Friday 7:30am ONLY

Saturday and Sunday: 8:30am


Tuesday 11/22/16



6:00am, 6:00pm



EMOTM for 30:00

5 pull ups

10 push-ups

15 squats

when you get to the minute you can no longer complete rounder 1:00, continue to cycle through sequence. The last minute of completed round is your score. Everyone works for 30:00

mobility: partner assisted 16:00

Thanksgiving Schedule:

Wednesday- regular classes (6am and 6pm)

Thursday- 11:00am-12:30pm open gym with suggested WOD *i will be working out

Friday- 7:30am only; no PM class

Saturday- 8:30am

Holiday Party/potluck

Friday, December 9 after 5:30pm class; 7ish