Saturday 9/30/17


The Lift Up Autism event is from 10:00am-12:30pm. If you haven’t signed up as an athlete or a judge for any of the heats throughout the morning and can make it, please let me know. Hillary- (313)218-0321

Thursday 9/28/17



Reminder: this Saturday is the Lift Up Autism event from 10:00am- 12:30pm. There will be no regular 8:30am class scheduled, as we will be setting up for the event during that time. Anyone who’d like to come and row or work on mobility between 8:30am and 9:00am is welcome to, but please be prepared to lend a hand afterwards if you do.

the link to sign up for the WOD on Saturday and either donate $10 to or $35 to donate and get a shirt, is

6:00am, 5:30pm


handstand practice 5:00

handstand push-ups 2-6 emotm for 6:00


7 power cleans (95/65)

7 burpees

200m run

20:00 AMRAP

Sunday 9/24/17



8:30am, 9:30am 1 on 1, 10:30am 1 on 1, 11:30 level 1


Hang muscle snatch 3-3-3

hang power snatch 2-2-2


2 ground to over heads (45/25)

1 plated burpee

increase by 1 emotm until you can no longer complete reps within the minute