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Wednesday 8/7/19


6:00am, 6:00pm, 7:10pm Prime Time


12:00 to develop a 6 rep thruster max. At 14:00, EMOTM for 4:00, 3 reps at 60% of 6 rep max. 18:00 clock.


400m run 

15 squats 

10 hand release push-ups 

20 kB swings**

4 rounds for time

Thursday 6/13/19

6:00am, 6:00pm

Complete 7 3:00 rounds within a 21:00 clock of
21 sit ups
14 wall balls
descending reps of deadlifts at 60% of 1 rep max (7-6-5-4-3-2-1)
500m row x3
2:00 rest between sets
score= slowest round

Friday 4/19/19

Happy Good Friday!

6:30am, 5:30pm


power snatch 1-1-1-1


“Apple of My Eye”

EMOTM for 16:00

min 1. :30 handstand hold

min 2. :30 plank hold

min 3. 15 hollow rocks

min 4. burpee AMRAP

4 rounds

Monday, 4/15/19

6:00am, 6:00pm
4 X 1 : 80-100%
10 broad jumps
8 hollow rocks
6 hand release push ups
6 rounds
Monday 4/22 is the rowing clinic, 7:10pm, right after class.
The following Monday, 4/29, is Trap Yoga at

Saturday 4/13/19


Coach Sizz competes at High Caliber Crossfit in Troy today from 8:30-5. Her heats are 10:00am, 1:20pm, and 4:00pm. Find us there throughout the day! Come out and support her and her sister in law, Emily who is competing in her very first crossfit comp!!

Saturday 12/8/18

8:30am, 10:00am Prime Time Fitness, 11:00am 1 on 1

skill: pistols

Partner WOD:
Each team must accumulate:
250 double unders
75 Russian Kettlebell swings (70/53)
50 Sumo deadlift high pulls (95/65)
50 burpees

One partner accumulates reps. The other partner must row 300m or bike 600m, then they trade spots and the other partner picks up where the first partner left off.
This continues until all reps for each exercise have been completed for the above team total.