Jason Brennan, Level 1 Certified. Bio coming soon



Frank Dye, Level 1 Certified. Bio coming soon.


Hillary Herring played sports in high school and has always been involved in fitness on some level. Despite being on softball teams, volleyball, and even creating a running club, she’s never taken herself too seriously in competitive sport. That is until the first time she was introduced to CrossFit by her sister in 2010. Always thirsty for a new and exciting form of exercise, this method came with that promise each time she tried it.
She takes great pride in teaching form and technique to her clients and loves the challenge of creating a program that can fit the needs of anyone. Hillary is the owner of CrossFit Inner Stallion.

Hillary is CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Certified, and USAW Certified with completion of CrossFit Mobility course


David Donigian has been a natural athlete since he was young and continued through college, playing football, basketball and baseball for his alma mater. Post college, David drifted from various workout regimens and sports (triathlons, distance running, traditional weight lifting, etc.) until he discovered CrossFit in 2009. He accepted this way of life and it continues to be the “why” and “how” he works out.
David has a passion for helping people excel and finds it incredibly satisfying to see the transformation over time that athletes never expect they could reach.David is CrossFit Level 1 Certified