Thursday 11/6/14 Day 2 of 14!

6:00am, 6:00pm, (7:15pm private)

Death by sprints


WOD 1:

EMOTM for 8:00 of

6 dumbbell thrusters

6 ball sprawls

6 weighted situps


WOD 2:

EMOTM for 8:00 of

8 jump squats

40m bear crawl



100 bicycles ( both sides =1, must touch knee to elbow)




Challenge Updates, weeks 5 and 6!

Week 4 brought on running groups that I would not have predicted and I loved seeing how encouraging everyone was with one another. The winners for Week 4 have been  posted on the white board.

This next challenge will begin on National Healthy Eating day, November 5, and will conclude 2 weeks out, November 19.

Diet: 2 weeks of no sugar which includes: cookies, cakes, candy, ice cream, pies, and any items that include sugar in the ingredients. Acceptable sugars are fruit and 100% fruit juice. 2 weeks is a long time, but a great prep for the coming holiday and cutting out any unnecessary temptations that come along with holiday parties and office potlucks.

Physical: 2 weeks of daily core work. Some days will be a bit more challenging than others. The entire 2 weeks is designed to not burn your abs out, but definitely to push the envelope.

Just as we’ve done in prior weeks, it will be your responsibility to check in daily on the ab work and to confirm you have had a successful no sugar day. I will email by November 5 a list of each core exercise. This 2 week challenge will count as the highest scored one thus far, for a total of 14 points, or 2 points per day.

Enjoy your days off and let’s get serious on November 5!!!


Thursday 10/30/14



6:00am, 6:00pm, (7:15pm, private)

buy in: 30 Turkish get ups, increasing weight 3+ times


“Annie likes to Run”

50 sit-ups

50 double unders

300m run

40 situps

40 double unders

300m run

30 sit-ups

30 double unders

300m run

20 sit-ups

20 double unders

300m run

10 sit ups

10 double unders




Week 4 Challenge Updates

What a great week with sugar free burpees and a ton of team encouragement.

Several of you came in during the PM classes  despite having already worked out in the morning to get your numbers in. Others cranked them out early on. I saw a few groups doing burpees in between workouts which was quite impressive. Today Justin walked in with only 20 partner burpees for the week and walked out with 126 thanks to all of his team members. Pretty amazing!

Tomorrow I will list challenge winners for weeks 1-3.

On to week 4!

Diet: we are taking a week off of the diet portion being counted in the challenge, but I think we should all take weeks 2 and 3 into consideration for good health. Maybe not 90oz daily but make a concerted effort to stay very hydrated and opt for water over any other beverage 90% of the time. Sugar is something we will attempt to do away with for the first 2 weeks in November so it may make things easier to keep this week very light on the sugar intake.

Physical: 4 miles of running. This can be broken down in whatever stages you choose. Any speed, any route. The only stipulation is that you must run your mileage with at least 2 other CFIS athletes.  You have until Sunday morning to complete your 4 miles.

Have an incredible week!