Monday 1/8/18



6:00am, 5:00pm 1 on 1, 6:00pm


Power cleans 5-5-5-5


4 hand stand push-ups (sub :05 HS hold + 2 push-ups or 8 push-ups)

6 candlesticks

8 kettlebell swings (russian)

10:00 AMRAP


*today is the first day of the burpee challenge. If you want to participate, please put your name on the blackboard at the front of the room and complete 30 burpees for time. You will perform 30 burpees every day for the next 15 days and they must be performed in the same “sitting”, if you will. In other words, you cannot break them up throughout the day. At the end of 15 days, you’ll test out with a final 30 burpees for time.*

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